About Us


  • Hospitality and Restaurants

    LED lighting showcases hotels, restaurants, and clubs in versatile, creative ways. By creating an atmosphere that best reflects their brands, we help hospitality and restaurant companies achieve the best guest experience possible. Proper LED lighting creates a visually appealing ambience that makes customers and guests feel welcome and safe – both indoors and outdoors!

  • Entertainment and Event Production!

    Lighting is front and center when it comes to entertainment and event productions. LEDs take the entertainment experience to the next level! LEDs are perfect solutions for specialeffects and stage lighting, special events, bands and entertainment tours. Performers don’t have to melt under hot traditional lighting. LEDs provide greater onstage visibility without the worry of excess heat. LEDs are also easy to transport from one location to the next, which is great for touring special events and show. Also, in terms of financial return, LEDs save on production costs, as they have a life span of up to 100,000 hours compared to traditional lighting.

  • Faith-Based Organizations

    Faith-Based Organizations need to keep operational cost low while providing an environment that is conducive to worship. BUYLEDS provides design services as well as well as LED products to illuminate both large and small worship venues. From outdoor signage that communicates the latest special events to soft indoor lighting,
    BUYLEDS helps your organization create a welcoming, peaceful sanctuary for members – while reducing energy costs.

  • Commercial Building / Real Estate

    LED Lighting can effectively address any commercial construction or commercial office illumination needs – whether a high rise building or small office. With increasing energy costs, investing in LEDs can save companies/organizations thousands in energy costs each year. New construction projects and building renovations lend perfect opportunities to retrofit with cost-efficient LED lighting products.

    Illuminate your space with cost-effective LED Lighting today! Contact us for more information.