Lux announces the biggest LED retrofit in history

The biggest single LED order in history will see some 1.6 million lamps installed across 5,000 branches of the Chase bank. The order – won by Current, GE’s new energy-efficient technology division – will cover a projected 25 million square feet of retail banking space in total, an area nearly 40 times the size of the Louvre. The work will begin in the coming months and is expected to finish by the end of 2017. It’s estimated that the retrofit…

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The Positive Relationship Between Light and Learning

How does light affect learning? Back in 2013 when an international ranking of OECD countries was released, the findings showed some disturbing trends in our education system. The Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA now suggests math scores have fallen ‘below average’, and the U.S. currently has an overall ranking of 17 among the 34 OECD countries. Many were surprised at the news given that the U.S. spends more money per student than almost any other country. In the…

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Outdated Kitchen? Lose the fluorescents, keep the charm with LED Strip/Tape Lights!

Update your kitchen with new lighting You don’t have to be a builder, architect or interior decorator to successfully revamp your home space. Fortunately you don’t have to spend a ton of money either. In fact, sometimes if you want to preserve a home’s original charm, the less you change the better. But just because you intend to keep much of the structure the same, doesn’t mean you can’t make a big, bright impact. Add charm with LED strip lights…

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LED Strip Lighting and LED Tape Lighting- From National Projects to the Home

Question: What do a California Vineyard, Guess Jeans and TXU Energy have in common? Answer: LED Strip Lighting! Ok, so maybe that isn’t exactly a ‘laugh out loud’ worthy riddle, but proper lighting is a serious matter. Permit us to cover a few ‘illuminating’ facts about the ever popular LED Strip and LED Tape Lighting before we dive into the above mentioned projects in more detail. Let’s start with a little vocabulary. 5050 and 3528 are terms you’ll often see associated…

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Top Earth Day Facts & Tips: Switch to LED Lighting, Save Money & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  Question: What started on this day in 1970 and has grown from 20 million participants in the U.S. to over 1 billion people in more than 180 countries? Answer: Earth Day! While we’ve undoubtedly made some good headway in the past several years regarding the amount of good information that’s out there, Americans still continue to account for a lion’s share of the world’s total energy consumption. In fact, according to one WSU study, while Americans make up just 5%…

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Lights, lights, everywhere…LED art installations share the stage at SXSW 2014

Are you among the thousands headed to Austin, Texas this week for SXSW? In addition to the cutting edge technology, world class cinematography and earth rattling musical riches be sure and check out some of the amazing art showcases on display around town. We’ve put together a short list of our personal favorites. (Spoiler alert: they’re all heavy on LED lighting!) SXSW Eco’s- Light Garden at Republic Square Park: Last year’s light garden was such an overwhelming success, they decided…

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Energy-efficient CFL bulbs cause skin damage, say researchers

I found this article interesting.  Guess it’s time for everyone to Buy LEDs!  (no pun intended).  BL Energy-Efficient CFL Bulbs Cause Skin Damage New research funded by the National Science Foundation has scientists warning consumers about the potentially harmful effects energy-saving CFL light bulbs can have on skin. The warning comes based on a study conducted by Stony Brook University and New York State Stem Cell Science — published in the June issue of Photochemistry and Photobiology — which looked…

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RGB LED Lighting

BuyLEDs Completes Facade Lighting for New Walgreens in Clearwater Beach, FL

BuyLEDs and sister company WLS Lighting had the opportunity to be part of one of the most recent additions to this initiative by providing exciting color-changing LED Lighting to the façade of its new Clearwater Beach location. Located on the roundabout of the entrance to the area’s busiest beach, Walgreens wanted a way to secure the attention of passersby as well as entertain shoppers at first glance, and WLS / BuyLEDs found the solution with Boca Flasher Medium Profile Color…

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60W and 40W Incandescent Bulbs Banned for 2014

On Jan. 1, 2014 – It will be lights out for standard incandescent 60- and 40-watt light bulbs. In order to comply with efficiency standards outlined in the Energy Independence and Security Act, which was signed into law by President George Bush in 2007, it will be illegal to manufacture or import them after Dec. 31. But retailers will still be able to sell off any remaining stock. In 2012, all 100-watt bulbs were phased out, and 75-watt bulbs disappeared…

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LightFair 2013

We’re very excited to be exhibiting at LightFair International 2013 in Philadelphia. If you’re in the neighborhood, come visit our booth# 4258 with strategic partners, Fort Worth TX based netLINK. We’ll have some new and very fun products on display! If you won’t be making it to LFI this year, feel free to contact us to find out what’s new! For more information, check out

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LED A-lamp

Announcing our new omni-directional A-lamp!

We at BuyLEDs are very proud to announce the release of our new omni-directional A-Lamp. Classic beauty with modern technology is how we like to describe this new product. The A-lamp is available in 6w (40w equivalent) and 8w (60w equivalent) versions, in both Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (5000K). Give it a try for 30 days under our no questions asked LED testing policy. If you are not 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund, no questions…

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