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Lux announces the biggest LED retrofit in history

The biggest single LED order in history will see some 1.6 million lamps installed across 5,000 branches of the Chase bank. The order – won by Current, GE’s new energy-efficient technology division – will cover a projected 25 million square feet of retail banking space in total, an area nearly 40 times the size of the Louvre. The work will begin in the coming months and is expected to finish by the end of 2017. It’s estimated that the retrofit…

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The Positive Relationship Between Light and Learning

How does light affect learning? Back in 2013 when an international ranking of OECD countries was released, the findings showed some disturbing trends in our education system. The Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA now suggests math scores have fallen ‘below average’, and the U.S. currently has an overall ranking of 17 among the 34 OECD countries. Many were surprised at the news given that the U.S. spends more money per student than almost any other country. In the…

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Lights, lights, everywhere…LED art installations share the stage at SXSW 2014

Are you among the thousands headed to Austin, Texas this week for SXSW? In addition to the cutting edge technology, world class cinematography and earth rattling musical riches be sure and check out some of the amazing art showcases on display around town. We’ve put together a short list of our personal favorites. (Spoiler alert: they’re all heavy on LED lighting!) SXSW Eco’s- Light Garden at Republic Square Park: Last year’s light garden was such an overwhelming success, they decided…

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Energy-efficient CFL bulbs cause skin damage, say researchers

I found this article interesting.  Guess it’s time for everyone to Buy LEDs!  (no pun intended).  BL Energy-Efficient CFL Bulbs Cause Skin Damage New research funded by the National Science Foundation has scientists warning consumers about the potentially harmful effects energy-saving CFL light bulbs can have on skin. The warning comes based on a study conducted by Stony Brook University and New York State Stem Cell Science — published in the June issue of Photochemistry and Photobiology — which looked…

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