Air Jordan Exhibit

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Dallas, TX – February 8, 2010

Our 5-Wire Cool White LED Flat Rope was used to illuminate the shoe display case of the Air Jordan exhibit at the 2010 NBA All-Star Week. The designers were looking for an easily installable light source for the week long display, that would add to the theatricality of the exhibit, while providing sufficient light for the display case.  Other design challenges.  It was a temporary display which had to look permanent, had to be affordable, display case was curved plexi-glass, long runs with no room for conceiling power supplies.  Our 5-wire LED Flat Rope light was the answer!  It provided an even dispersion of light across the entire display case, the color rendering was phenomenal, and since the flat rope is 120V (and flexible), we were able to run 2 single runs (1 for the top and 1 for the bottom) around the curved case, while discretely hiding the light source.  Also, with LED flat rope and mounting brackets, it’s easy to ensure that the light is pointed in the appropriate direction.   Display open Feb 8-13th near Victory Park in Dallas TX.

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