Hamilton Bryan Furniture Store

hamilton Bryan Furniture Store

In fall 2012, 50 year old furniture store Hamilton Bryan in Wichita Falls Texas underwent an extensive front facade makeover.  BuyLEDs was asked to help come up with a way to use LED lighting to replicate a chasing color band from their TV commercial on the front of their building, while also creating other dynamic chasing eye-catching effects that would help capture the attention of passersby on this busy Wichita Falls retail street.  After evaluating several different products, BuyLEDs selected the iColorAccent Powercore fixture.  The challenge was that the fixture is more of a linear tube, and although it produced the dynamic effects the client wanted, it was not exactly the look they were going for.  We worked with Syd Litteken Design Concepts, the architect and GC on the project, to develop a housing for fixtures, with a lens that would amplify the effect of the iColorAccents making them look more like a 12″ tall band of color, rather than just a video tube.  The new lighting system helped Hamilton Bryan achieve greater energy efficiency, while drawing the attention of local passersby, and increased their walk-in traffic by over 20%.