Palomar Hotel

Palomar Hotel

Dallas, TX – July 28, 2011

While sponsoring the Dallas International Film Festival VIP Lounge on the top floor of the Palomar Hotel, we were approached by hotel staff to help them come up with some creative options for lighting the patio outside the hotel restaurant.  They wanted to 1) create ambiance while providing enough general illumination to see; 2) utilize some color but not over-bearing or “Vegas-style”.  Being that the patio had very little lighting, except for a few “annoying” flood lights for security (which guests often requested they turn off), we had a blank slate.  The solution:  We used linear RGB LED fixtures, concealed behind the wooden slats on the walls for moodlighting, as well as to help highlight the beautiful decorative wall panels.  All are controlled via a wall mounted dial controller.  Remote-controllable RGB lamps were used in existing recessed uplight fixtures for corner seating areas.  To illuminate the darkspots in the middle of the patio area, we used 6 Watt LED downlights, color: cool white for a soft ambient moonlight glow from above.

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