Skymark Tower

Skymark Tower

Arlington, TX – April 11, 2009

After many months of hard work, the Elumineer Lighting team proudly announces the completion of Skymark Tower in Arlington, TX.

Fact Sheet on Skymark Project:
Skymark Tower, an 8-story office building at the corner of I-30 and Cooper in Arlington, TX is using top of the line Color Kinetics Powercore technology to illuminate the pyramid on top of the building. With the Color Kinetics LED system, we enabled the Skymark Tower to achieve a 49% energy savings over their previous lighting system, as well as enjoy fully-controllable color changing capabilities. The project includes 4 ColorReach Powercore fixtures, and 8 ColorBlast12 Powercore fixtures, all controlled by an iPlayer3 with ColorPlay3 software. All fixtures have an estimated lifespan of at least 80K hours, and are capable of producing 16.7 million different colors.

After launching in late 2009, Elumineer Lighting officially changed the name to BuyLEDs, LLC.