The Towers at Park Central


Set at the corner of I-635 and Coit in Dallas, TX, The Towers at Park Central (known to many as the Interstate Batteries Building), was one of the first buildings in Dallas TX to install color-changing LED Lighting. Their original installation was in 2006, and by 2015, it was time for an upgrade, as LED technology had advanced leaps and bounds since their original 1st generation LED installation. They contacted BuyLEDs and we quickly got to work evaluating the new lighting design for this highly visible and high-profile office complex. There were a couple of primary challenges. First, each of the 3 buildings had separate control rooms, each of which fed the light locations for that building, yet all were to be controlled by the central building management system. The second challenge was that each building was a different height and each façade was unique, yet all façades had to be consistently and equally lit. To accomplish the desired “uplit column” effect, 38 ColorReach Compact Powercores were installed using a variety of mounting methods, across each of the 16 facade locations around the 3 buildings. A variety of spread lenses were used to ensure consistency of coverage. The system runs off of several iPlayer3 controllers, each of which are connected to a series of aux boxes and relay panels, enabling the building engineers to manage the light shows remotely via their building management system. Lighting Design, Distribution, Programming and Integration provided by BuyLEDs.