TXU Energy Commercial

TXU Energy Commercial

In April of 2013 BuyLEDs worked with designers at Sugar Film Productions to design and make the illuminated suits in the first shot of TXU Energy’s Free Nights and Weekends commercial.  They wanted something that would really make the suits pop and reflect the feel of the music they were going to be playing. They also wanted the band to be able to move around freely so they couldn’t be tied down by long cords. We proposed using our White 3528-60 Tape Light that would easily bend and form to the suits while still giving off brilliant light, and our Multi-Volt Battery Power Pack to provide wireless power to the suits. The designers felt it was a perfect combination to make their suits work.  The end result was a cool, futuristic looking suit that immediately drew the watcher’s eye as the commercial begins.

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3528 Tape Light – 60 LEDs per Meter                                                Multi-Volt Battery Power Pack

3528-60                          Multi-Volt-Battery-Pack