Walgreens – Clearwater Beach, Florida

Walgreens ClearwaterBeach

Walgreens, the country’s largest drugstore chain has begun revamping the look and feel of its retail outlets as part of its new “well experience” stores, and has been advancing sustainability efforts through innovation, efficiency and technology across the country.

BuyLEDs and sister company WLS Lighting had the opportunity to be part of one of the most recent additions to this initiative by providing exciting color-changing LED Lighting to the façade of its new Clearwater Beach location. Located on the roundabout of the entrance to the area’s busiest beach, Walgreens wanted a way to secure the attention of passersby as well as entertain shoppers at first glance, and WLS / BuyLEDs found the solution with Boca Flasher Medium Profile Color Changing LED Fixtures. With their double row of LEDs and flexible optic options, the fixtures provide a consistent color graze on the tall walls from close range. The best part…the total system, which includes both the front and side facades of the building, uses less than 15 Amps of power! Color Kinetics controls were used to ensure a high level of control while allowing for a user-friendly way of designing and programming new light shows. The LED lighting system produces animated color effects, including chasing patterns, rippling water effects, and dramatic color sweeps, sure to captivate shoppers for years to come.