Question: What do a California Vineyard, Guess Jeans and TXU Energy have in common?

Answer: LED Strip Lighting!

Ok, so maybe that isn’t exactly a ‘laugh out loud’ worthy riddle, but proper lighting is a serious matter. Permit us to cover a few ‘illuminating’ facts about the ever popular LED Strip and LED Tape Lighting before we dive into the above mentioned projects in more detail.

Let’s start with a little vocabulary. 5050 and 3528 are terms you’ll often see associated with LED Strip Light, otherwise known as LED Tape Light, or LED Ribbon Light. This actually refers to the size of the LED chip in millimeters. In general, the first 2 numbers are the length, and the second 2 are the width, and there is a decimal point in the middle – so 3528 actually means 3.5mm X 2.8mm, and 5050 means 5.0mm X 5.0mm. The second set of numbers (in 5050-60 for example) pertains to the density of LEDs per meter. So 5050-60 translates to 5.0mm X 5.0mm chips at 60 LEDs/meter.

It’s confusing I know, but we didn’t make it up! With technology advances, you’ll begin to see other sizes emerge as well.

LED Strip & Tapelight is most commonly sold in 5 meter (16.4 ft spools). However, it’s easy to specialty order a custom spool and pre-cut lengths available with a 3 week lead time.

For more on how to order LED Strip and Tape Light, please see our online guide.

Now for the fun part! Here are three of our favorite projects we’ve worked on over the years. As you skim over each one, feel free let your mind wander, using these as a jumping off point for projects you can implement in your own home.

Daou Vinyards- Strip/Tape Lighting

Daou Vineyards in Paso Robles, CA

When this sunny California vineyard came to us looking to turn their dark-as-night Onyx bar into a tasteful back-light centerpiece for their new tasting room, we jumped all over it.

Team lead David Neale flew out to perform the installation which included multiple reels of 5050-60 LED Strip Light with a multitude of dimmable transformers. To get the full effect and stand up against the heavy stone we opted for Pure White LED Tape Light.

At home: Have a wet bar in your kitchen or dining room? These tape lights make a stylish addition no matter the finish. Plus, they’re a cinch to fasten with mounting clips starting at just $4. 

Guess Jeans- Strip/Tape Lighting


Guess Jeans

This long-standing jean company is as iconic as the models who have worn them over the years (think: Claudia Schiffer and Anna Nicole Smith). Needless to say we were delighted when digital graphics company Miesel brought us on to help with a custom window display. Passersby in more than 100 malls and shopping centers around the country gravitated towards the stores under the glow of our successful lighting enhancements.

Each display consisted of our 5050 RGB Tape Light (60 LEDs/M), powered by our 5 amp DC plug transformers, and controlled by our LED RGB Remote Controller.

At home: Always dreamed of having a luxury walk in closet complete with all the fixin’s? Use these LED color-changing Tape Lighting strips as cove accent lighting or in the recessed ceilings for added pizazz.

TXU- Strip/Tape Lighting


TXU Energy

Hi mom, we’re on T.V. and it’s electrifying! It was a riot to work with the talented folks at Sugar Film Productions to design and create the illuminated suits featured in TXU Energy’s Free Nights and Weekends commercial. Not only did they look cool on their own, we made them so that each strip would reflect the feel of the background music. However, there were no cords allowed since they were keen on having the band move freely.

To get the look we used our White 3528-60 Tape Light that would easily bend and form to the suits while still giving off brilliant light. Meanwhile, our Multi-Volt Battery Power Pack took the job of providing wireless power.

At home: Looking to wow your prom date? Have a talented seamstress help you attain this futuristic look! In all seriousness, what about using these waterproof strips to compliment pool or spa areas?

There’s more where that came from, check out the Projects Gallery of our site to see more. Or call us at (855) 346-2770 for a free consultation.

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