Update your kitchen with new lighting

You don’t have to be a builder, architect or interior decorator to successfully revamp your home space. Fortunately you don’t have to spend a ton of money either. In fact, sometimes if you want to preserve a home’s original charm, the less you change the better.

But just because you intend to keep much of the structure the same, doesn’t mean you can’t make a big, bright impact.

Kitchen LED Strip and Tape Lighting

Add charm with LED strip lights

We saw this firsthand when we were recently asked to make recommendations that would add some modern flourishes to our client’s mid-century kitchen. Through the use of strategically placed LED Strip and Tape lights we helped them select an impressive collection of cabinet lights to effectively brighten the space without compromising the home’s unique character.
With one small, albeit charming, kitchen window, the space was decidedly lacking in natural light. While an overhead bulb lit the sink station, the cabinets and their impressive old world beauty were nearly lost.

Our client initially looked to remedy the dim space with standard puck lights which left him thoroughly unimpressed. Not only was the quality of the light incongruent with his vision, they were also cumbersome in the cabinet’s limited space.

To give them more flexibility in achieving a consistent stream light we recommended he go with a slim, low-profile light source such as our LED Strip and Tape Light options. They perfectly accentuate his dish collection without disturbing the view. Each is perfectly hidden through the cabinet’s original glass face. Now, each shelf is discreetly and consistently lit in a warm white color tone to accentuate the cabinet’s original wood—a flexibility he simply couldn’t have achieved with a flood or florescent light source.

Cabinet lighting

We were also able to help our client come up with an option for convenient under cabinet lighting. They were initially unaware this ambient lighting detail was even an option, and were all the more impressed when we explained how the ultra-low wattage fixture could benefit the look and feel of the space.

For starters, it was comforting to know that since the system is uses negligible amounts of energy, it can safely be left on all night to serve as a light source when the kiddos get up in the night for a drink of water. It also enabled him to easily get a consistent flood of light from one side of the cabinet to the other, not to mention additional assistance during food prep!

Lighting controls and accessories

However, far and above the best part of this project was explaining that with our large range of lighting controls and accessories he’d be able to lay the wiring all himself, saving a ton of money on labor or contracting an electrician. He came in way under budget by installing the 12 volt system himself while easily abiding by his jurisdiction’s electrical codes.

In the end, he was so impressed by the experience he asked us to share his story. Home renovations can often be a nightmare. If you’re looking to update your home, but don’t have the time or money to bother with knocking down walls, try updating your interior lights to breathe new life into the space!

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