Color Par 30 White 10W Bulb
Color Par 30 White 10W Bulb

Color Par 30 White LED 10W Bulb

Sold only in cases of 20 with a 4-week lead time.

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Product Description

Our Color Par 30 White LED 10W Bulb is the brightest white LED Par30 on the market.  Colored LED par light bulbs are great for a variety of applications, including red accent lighting, landscape lighting, architectural lighting, mood lighting, and more! Our 10W IP65 Outdoor Rated LED Par30 is great for indoor and outdoor applications where a rugged high-quality Par lamp is needed. Suitable for outdoor flood lights, signage, landscape lighting, and more. Made with CREE LEDs. Instant-on. Dimmable. While using only 10W, it’s 80% more energy efficient than a 100W halogen. Available in 3 color temperatures and 4 beam spreads.

Our full line of colored par LED bulbs comes in Red, Green, Blue, or Amber, and is available as a Par 20, Par 30, or Par 38. With a variety of beam spreads from 15 to 90 degrees, ColorPar LED bulbs are incredibly versatile. Do something different for your holiday lighting (flood light the front facade of your home), enhance your brand by lighting the outside of your building to match your logo colors, or just add a little color to your life with ColorPar LED Colored Light Bulbs!


  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Material: Die-cast aluminum
  • No mercury, lead or hazardous materials
  • Certification: ETL, CE, RoHS
  • Beam Angles: 24/38/90
  • Color Temperature: 2700K/4000K/5000K
  • CRI >80
  • Instant On
  • Dimmable with most standard LED bulb dimmers
  • Rated Lifetime: >50,000 hours
  • 5 year warranty


SKU Color Temperature Lumen Output Beam Spread Wattage Equivalent
LVL-CPAR30-10W-WW27-NFL-IP54 Warm White 2700K 650 24 75-100W Halogen
LVL-CPAR30-10W-NW40-NFL-IP54 Neutral White 4000K 700 24 75-100W Halogen
LVL-CPAR30-10W-CW50-NFL-IP54 Cool White 5000K 750 24 75-100W Halogen
LVL-CPAR30-10W-WW27-FL-IP54 Warm White 2700K  650 38 75-100W Halogen
LVL-CPAR30-10W-NW40-FL-IP54 Neutral White 4000K  700 38 75-100W Halogen
LVL-CPAR30-10W-CW50-FL-IP54 Cool White 5000K  750 38 75-100W Halogen
LVL-CPAR30-10W-WW27-WFL-IP54 Warm White 2700K  650 90 75-100W Halogen
LVL-CPAR30-10W-NW40-WFL-IP54 Neutral White 4000K  700 90 75-100W Halogen
LVL-CPAR30-10W-CW50-WFL-IP54 Cool White 5000K  750 90 75-100W Halogen



  • Landscape Lighting for Parks and Garden Areas
  • Exterior Building Facade Lighting
  • Lighting for Brand-Building
  • Exterior Architectural Accent Lighting, such as hotel facade lighting, or restaurant lighting
  • Interior Accent Lighting for restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms
  • Wildlife sensitive areas
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Event and Party Lighting