Green Creative 7W MR16 LED 12V Dimmable

Product Description

This TITANIUM LED SERIES 4.0 MR16 has been designed and engineered for demanding commercial applications, but works great for residential lighting as well.  At just 7W, this Green Creative 7W MR16 LED 12V Dimmable ENERGY STAR qualified lamp emits 475-580 lumens, depending on color temperature, making it one of the most efficient 50W MR16 halogen replacements available. This MR16 is also suitable for use in enclosed fixtures. Available in a 36 degree Flood beam angle only. Simply install this retrofit solution in your existing fixture and turn ON the savings.

  • 50W halogen replacement
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Suitable for use in totally enclosed fixtures
  • Dimmable
  • Exceptional 80 LPW efficacy in Warm White
  • Compact size: 1:1 halogen form factor
  • Works with electronic and conventional transformers
  • Extra Warm White 2400K, Warm White & Neutral White CCT
  • UL listed & FCC compliant
SKU Color Jacket Color Light Output (lm/ft) Voltage Watts/ft Cut Max Run
MINI-P2-NF-AY Amber (590nm) Yellow 34Lm/ft 120V 2.4 18″ 150ft
MINI-P2-NF-BL Blue (469nm) Blue 9Lm/ft 120V 2.4 18″ 150ft
MINI-P2-NF-GR Green (521nm) Green 50Lm/ft 120V 2.4 18″ 150ft
MINI-P2-NF-OR Orange (606nm) Amber 15Lm/ft 120V 2.4 18″ 150ft
MINI-P2-NF-RE Red (619nm) Red 8Lm/ft 120V 2.4 18″ 150ft
MINI-P2-NF-PI Pink (610nm) Pink 27Lm/ft 120V 2.4 18″ 150ft
MINI-P2-NF-WW Warm White (2700K) White 90Lm/ft 120V 2.4 18″ 150ft
MINI-P2-NF-WH Bright White (5000K) White 90Lm/ft 120V 2.4 18″ 150ft



Dimmer Compatibility List